Why Mallorca?

You have decided to rent an apartment, a villa or a country home on Mallorca? We congratultate you on that decision. Mallorca is one of the most beautiful islands of the world and due to its geographic location and its top connections it is one of Europe´s hot spots. Apart from the sun, the sea and the beaches you have the mountains, the culture and a wide range of leasure activities. The steady immigration of Europeans and the branches of internaional companies makes it easier for you not only to spend your holiday on Mallorca but rather move the center of your life to this beautiful island or enjoy a secondary residence.

The demand for properties on Mallorca keeps on being unabated.

Why Miet-Profis?

Listening is our credo. After a detailed enquiry we no exactly what you are looking for and offer you the suitable property for rent. Therby we do not only revert to our own portfolio, but start a specific search for you.

Exactly this fact sets us apart from other real estate agents.

Full service by the Miet-Profis

Especially Mallorca rookies appreciate our consulting and the support before and after the signing of the contract. That means, we take care about the change of the electricity, water, gas and may help you with the application of the internet connection. We also answer questions about international schools, medical care or recomendations for special restaurants. The rental contracts will be translated by us from Spanish to German or English.

You prefer first to rent and than to purchase? Good idea, because in that case you keep out of harm´s way and you have the opportunity to convince yourself according the location, the neighbourhood and the quality of the construction. We are looking forward  to advise you about options or rentals with buying options. About 90% of our rental properties are also on the market for sale and our experience showed, that especially clients who don't know Mallorca so well first rented. Now they are a 100% satisfied owners of a Mallorca property

Please do not hesitate to contacting us. We would be delighted to assist you in finding the ideal rental property for you. Please fill in here your non-binding enquiry form and we will send you suitable offers.